Central Park pinball for sale by Pinball Medic of Austin, Texas.
Central Park pinball flyer
The following are actual game photos.

Gottlieb's Central Park classic EM for sale.
Central Park Pinball backglass

Central park backglass.

Bell in backglass

Bell in Backbox.

coin door

Coin door.

Central Park full pinball game

Full game photo.

Central Park is a classic one player EM pinball.

Will be priced after game inspection.

Central Park - April, 1966.
1 Player. Electro-mechanical (EM) pinball.
3,100 units made by Gottlieb.
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (4), Slingshots (2), Stand-up targets (12), Left and right dual outlanes. Mechanical backbox animation (monkey rings bell every 100 points).
left side of pinball

Left side artwork.

Full playfield

Full playfield.

close of lower playfield

Playfield close-up.

backglass lit

backlit backglass.